Liste Alphabétique des Services - B - Waterloo Wellington

Back Works Spinal and Sports Rehabilitation  
Balancing from Birth to Baby   Kitchener
Banques alimentaires Canada   Mississauga
Barreau du Haut-Canada - Service de référence du Barreau   Toronto
Basilica of Our Lady  
Bayshore Home Health - Guelph  
Bayshore Home Health - Kitchener  
Beaver Creek Housing Cooperative  
Beechwood Co-operative Homes  
Beechwood Forest Pharmacy   Kitchener
Beechwood Manor Retirement Lodge  
Beechwood Wellness Pharmacy   Waterloo
Beginnings Family Services - Guelph  
Belgage Pharmacy   Kitchener
Bell Canada - Centre de services d'accessibilité   Montreal
Belle et bien dans sa peau   Mississauga
Belmont Park Pharmacy   Kitchener
Belwood Lodge and Camp  
Benton Medical Pharmacy   Kitchener
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Midwestern Region  
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Southwest Region   London
Berge Hearing Clinic  
Best Feet Forward   Petersburg
Betamarsh   Goderich
Beth Jacob Congregation  
Bethanys Hope Foundation   London
Beveridge and Brown Clinic Pharmacy   Cambridge
Billings Orthotics and Footwear  
BioPed Foot Care Centre - Guelph - Foot Care Services  
Birmingham Retirement Community  
Birthright of Kitchener  
Blair Road Neighbourhood Association  
Bliss Individual and Relationship Therapy  
Block Parent Program of Canada - Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program  
Bloomingdale and District Recreation and Community Club  
Blue Heron Midwives  
Bluewater District School Board   Chesley
Boardwalk Neighbourhood Association  
Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf (The)   Toronto
BodyTech Physiotherapy  
Bon départ   Toronto
Born Midwives  
Brahmarishi Mission of Canada  
Brain Injury Association Waterloo Wellington  
Brain Injury Association Waterloo Wellington - Lidz on Kidz   Kitchener
Brainworks   London
Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group  
Brason Academy Montessori School  
Bread and Roses Cooperative Homes (Kitchener)  
BreastStrokes Dragon Boat Team - Guelph  
Bridgeport Community Association  
Bridges to Belonging Waterloo Region  
Brighton Yards Housing Cooperative  
Bruce Grey Child and Family Services   Owen Sound
Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board   Hanover
Bureau de l'intervention en faveur des patients des établissements psychiatriques   North York
Bureau de l'Ombudsman de l'Ontario   Toronto
Bureau de l’intervention en faveur des patients des établissements psychiatriques - Bureau de London   London
Butterfly Learning Centre