Liste Alphabétique des Services - I - Waterloo Wellington

Ian Anderson House   Oakville
IAVGO Community Legal Clinic   Toronto
IDA Pharmacy - Arthur   Arthur
IDA Pharmacy - Cambridge - Promenade Christopher (Casey's Pharmacy)   Cambridge
IDA Pharmacy - Cambridge - Rue Dundas Nord (Highland Plaza IDA)   Cambridge
IDA Pharmacy - Guelph - Avenue Speedvale   Guelph
IDA Pharmacy - Guelph - Chemin Downey   Guelph
IDA Pharmacy - Guelph - Chemin Harvard (Campus Drugmart and Postal Outlet)   Guelph
IDA Pharmacy - Kitchener - Chemin River Est (Shaker's Pharmacy)   Kitchener
IDA Pharmacy - Kitchener - Chemin Westmount Est (Forest Hill Pharmacy)   Kitchener
IDA Pharmacy - Kitchener - Rue King Ouest (Pharmacy on King)   Kitchener
IDA Pharmacy - Mount Forest   Mount Forest
Idea Exchange - Queens Square  
Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington  
Immigration en Ontario  
Immigration, services pour les nouveaux arrivants et les réfugiés  
In-Home Foot Care Services - Bruce and Grey  
In-home Services, Grocery Delivery Options, Guelph and Wellington County  
In-home Services, Grocery Shopping Options  
In-home Services, Hair Care Services  
In-home Services, Home Cleaning  
In-home Services, Laundry Service  
INCA   Toronto
INCommunities   St Catharines
Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region   Kitchener
India-Canada Association Waterloo Region  
Infant and Toddler Safety Association (The)  
Information et formation sur la sécurité sur les lieux de travail  
InformOntario - Association of Community Information Centres   Windsor
Injured Workers of Wellington and Dufferin Counties   Guelph
Inspiring Minds Early Learning Centre  
Institut ontarien du jeu problématique   Toronto
Institut pour la sécurité des médicaments aux patients du Canada   Toronto
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction   Toronto
Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada   Ottawa
Intégration communautaire de l'Ontario   Toronto
Interfaith Council of Halton  
Interfaith Counselling Centre  
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers   Toronto
International Schizophrenia Foundation   Toronto
Interval House  
Intervention en situation de crise  
Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees  
Irish Canadian Immigration Centre  
Islamic Centre of Cambridge  
Islamic Humanitarian Service  
Italian Cortina Club